‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3 Promo: Is Someone Here for the Wrong Reasons? (VIDEO)

The Bachelor is getting in on the #ChampagneGate fun as they “raise a glass” to an all-new episode on Monday, January 20. That means no MLK Day hiatus on ABC!

The show really leans into Kelsey’s drink fail from the January 13 episode in the new promo for Episode 3, and TV Insider is giving you an exclusive first look at what’s in store for Peter Weber and his contestants this week.

First off, you won’t want to miss the grand return of Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Demi Burnett. “The queen is back!” she announces to the Bachelor Mansion via a megaphone. It’s unclear what her role will be in the episode, but we’re sure it’ll bring the laughs.

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Also, it looks like the women are in for some sort of pillow fight/wrestling group date, and former high school wrestler Tammy is coming in guns a-blazing. But she’s not the one who seems to start drama — that’d be Alayah, with the women’s voiceovers calling Miss Texas 2019 “fabricated” and Peter asking her outright if she’s “doing this for the cameras.” And she’s not taking the criticism well, either, as the tears start flowing!

Will this factor into the big “Rose Ceremony First” the promo teases? Watch the clip above and tune in to find out!

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