Could Hannah Brown Be ‘Bachelorette’ Again? Nick Viall Thinks So

Nick Hannah Bachelorette

Peter Weber’s Season 24 of The Bachelor has only just begun, but Nick Viall is already thinking about who could be next season’s Bachelorette star.

During an episode of his podcast, The Viall Files, with guest January Jones on Tuesday, January 7, the Bachelor alum revealed he believes Hannah Brown will pull a Brad Womack and do the show twice.

“I still think Hannah could be the Bachelorette again. It wouldn’t surprise me,” the 39-year-old theorized.

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Nick’s prediction, of course, comes after the 25-year-old surprised Peter by appearing on the premiere episode not once, but twice. She came out of the limo and also hosted his very first group date.

Though Hannah initially wished Peter well on his journey, the pilot did ask the Dancing With the Stars champion if she’d consider joining his season as a contestant.

She replied “maybe,” and the episode ended with a cliffhanger, but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t end up joining the season as she was filming DWTS at the same time. However, guest January Jones believes Hannah and Peter will end up together when it’s all said and done.

“I think he ends up with her. I’m spoiling it right now. There’s one clip of his mom saying, ‘Go get her! Go bring her back!’ I think that’s about Hannah because there’s, like, a history behind what she’s saying,” the former Mad Men star posed during the podcast.

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“She won Dancing With the Stars, there’s no way she could’ve filmed. It’s entirely possible Peter could’ve gone through the season, not picked someone, and called up Hannah when he was done,” Nick replied.

“Or they could bring back Hannah during the finale when Peter’s got his top four,” he continued.


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“No, I don’t think she joins the show. I think he went through the show, the whole time conflicted, and ends up with her,” January reasoned.

Do you think Hannah ends up with Peter at the end or is there a chance she could be the next Bachelorette?

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