Friends Help Hopefuls in the ‘Catfish: The TV Show’ Season 8 Trailer (VIDEO)

Catfish trailer

Catfish: The TV Show returns to MTV with new episodes — and at least one new twist.

And TV Insider has an exclusive first look at what to expect when Season 8 premieres on Wednesday, January 8. For years, the series has brought desperate Hopefuls the answers the deserve.

But a new season means new twists, including friends helping friends catch catfish. Friends, family, and anonymous sources will be the ones tipping off longtime host Nev Schulman, who is joined by Kamie Crawford, with the Hopefuls kept in the dark.

Watch the promo below for a look at the new season, including at least one first even eight seasons in.

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“[Catfish] is a pretty all-encompassing [word] at this point,” Schulman previously told TV Insider. “Basically anything that happens on the internet where someone is deceptive is called catfish now, which was not our initial intention in using it to name the film, but it’s pretty wild. [It’s] definitely something that I’m constantly somewhat baffled and impressed and giddy about.”

Catfish: The TV Show, Season 8 Premiere, Wednesday, January 8, 8/7c, MTV