‘Supernanny’s Jo Frost Teases a ‘Hopeful’ Series Return on Lifetime

Annie Flanagan for Lifetime

Childcare expert Jo Frost (above) is breezing back into the lives of families all over America to whip them into shape on Lifetime’s reboot of the hit reality show Supernanny.

A lot has changed since the series wrapped its original run on ABC in 2011, but Frost says her methods of helping parents discipline unruly children still vary from home to home.

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These days, she deals with issues of mental health, technology use, longer working hours for parents and the lack of affordable childcare options in the U.S.

“Families know that it’s a tough world out there right now,” she explains. “Most families are trying their best to stay on top and do their best by their [kids], and that is what is hopeful for us all.”

Supernanny, Season Premiere, Wednesday, January 1 10/9c, Lifetime