Netflix’s ‘AJ and the Queen’ Reveals Key Art & Teaser (VIDEO)


Netflix is offering a first look at its upcoming series AJ and the Queen which stars RuPaul (RuPaul’s Drag Race).

The series set to debut on Friday, January 10, was created by RuPaul Charles and showrunner Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City). Executive produced by King, Charles and Marchinko, AJ and the Queen features stars Charles, Izzy G., Michael-Leon Wooley, Tia Carrere, Josh Segarra and Katerina Tannenbaum.

AJ and the Queen follows Robert Lee (RuPaul) who is better known as Ruby Red, a drag queen with a dream of opening his own club. After spending years saving up for his dream club, Ruby Red is swindled by a con artist (Josh Segarra) and his partner-in-crime, the eye-patch wearing Lady Danger (Tia Carrere).

(Credit: Netflix)

In order to pick up the pieces, he sets off across the country using a Ruby Red roadshow as a means of building funds. Along the way, he meets AJ (Izzy G.), a young and scrappy kid who stows away on Ruby Red’s RV.

(Credit: Netflix)

The predicament leads the performer to serve as a stand-in parent and the unlikely pair make for a fun time on screen. Catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the teaser below and don’t miss AJ and the Queen when it debuts next year on Netflix.

AJ and the Queen, Series Premiere, Friday, January 10, Netflix.