‘Chicago P.D.’ Is Finally Addressing the Burgess-Ruzek Crossover Hookup (VIDEO)

Chicago P.D.- Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

At the end of the big One Chicago crossover, Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) went home together, but Chicago P.D. hasn’t even alluded to that since.

That’s about to change, based on the promo for Season 7 Episode 8, “No Regrets” (below). The two are going to have to not only discuss what happened but also figure out what the future may hold for them.

“You’re pregnant,” a doctor tells Burgess in the hospital after the officer is injured while in pursuit of a suspect. Fortunately, it appears it’s nothing too serious and the “shocking diagnosis” mentioned in the logline is the pregnancy.

Also, she’s likely going to clue Ruzek in sooner rather than later. “With this job, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a mom,” she admits. “What does that mean?” Ruzek asks her at the end of the preview. The only question is if these two lines are connected; they may not even be part of the same conversation.

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It is possible that the two will be raising a child together, regardless of whether they’re romantically involved, in the future.

“They definitely have a relationship this year that is different than the relationship they had previously,” showrunner Rick Eid told Us Weekly. “They are with each other in a different way.” Could that be co-parenting?

Whatever happens, Chicago P.D. is going to be focusing on “Burzek” in a way it hasn’t this season.

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