‘Dynasty’ Sneak Peek: Everybody Wants to Rule the World… of Musical Episodes (VIDEO)

To quote Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) in this week’s episode of Dynasty, music is the purest form of expression. So it’s fitting that we want to sing its praises for finding a way to take this already insane soap to the next level… a musical level.

Yes, you read that right. Dynasty — the primetime sudser reboot that has had three Cristals, two Alexises (with a third on the way) and mercifully zero Moldavian massacres — is doing a musical episode. And it’s as bonkers are you would hope it would be.

The hour finds Fallon pulling out all the stops to remind amnesiac Liam (Adam Huber) of their past, Cristal (Daniella Alonso) hitting a Carrington-shaped snag before the launch of her new wine and Dominique (Michael Michele) hitting a new low to get back in good with kids Jeff and Monica (Sam Adegoke, Wakeem Hollis).

Along the way, there are several numbers that just can’t be spoiled, but we did snag an exclusive clip of one sequence that kind of had our jaws on the floor. In the clip, Blake (Grant Show) and back-from-the-dead son Adam (Sam Underwood) engage in a little Tears for Fears bonding after being dressed-down by a jealous Fallon.

And while some fans may be surprised at just how awesome the theater-trained Underwood’s voice is, we’re pretty sure the biggest shock is seeing and hearing Grant Show let loose with such style. The guy really has come a long way from his mechanic days on Melrose Place!

Watch the clip above!

Dynasty, Fridays, 9/8c, The CW