Amazon’s ‘The Feed’ Is the Internet in Your Head — and It’s Glitching

The Feed - Ep1
Stuart Wood; © Studio Lambert and all3media international

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, just about everyone on Earth has a high-tech implant in their brain that plugs them into the Feed, a global social network on which they can communicate, share memories and interactions, and access information with a mere thought. Think of it as the internet in your head.

But when alarming glitches in the system begin to cause users to behave in strange and violent ways in The Feed, wealthy CEO Meredith Hatfield (Game of Thrones Michelle Fairley) and her husband, Feed creator Lawrence (Fargo‘s David Thewlis), come under harsh scrutiny.

Their son, psychologist Tom (Chicago Fire‘s Guy Burnet, above left, with onscreen brother Jeremy Neumark Jones), takes it upon himself to figure out what’s going on — possibly putting his wife (Nina Toussaint-White, Bodyguard) and newborn daughter in danger.

“Tom has lived independently from his parents his whole adult life,” Burnet explains. “He is a nonconformist, a free thinker who doesn’t share their perspective. As events unfold and the world falls apart, Tom has no choice but to be drawn back to his family as he tries to protect his wife and child, who are his entire world.”

The Feed, Series Premiere, Friday, Nov. 22, Prime Video