‘Dickinson’s Anna Baryshnikov on Her Optimistic Character Lavinia’s Differences from Sister Emily (VIDEO)

Apple TV+’s Dickinson is almost here, and the half-hour comedy based on the early days of the famed poet’s life offers a glimpse at the family around her, including sister Lavinia, played expertly by Anna Baryshnikov.

While the series focuses on the poet’s musings and her desire to be untethered by society’s constraints, Lavinia is nearly Emily’s (Hailee Steinfeld) opposite in every way.

As Emily attempts to break gender roles, Lavinia clings to them, wishing to secure a husband and home, much to the pleasure of their mother (portrayed by Jane Krakowski).

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The star portrays Emily Dickinson's (Hailee Steinfeld) brother, Austin.

Ahead of the premiere, Baryshnikov joined us in the TV Insider offices to chat about her comedic turn as the younger sibling of Emily Dickinson. “There’s a modern sensibility to the entire thing,” she says of the unique series.

What viewers should know is Dickinson tackles the biopic tale with a current language and humor while embellished with costumes, sets and locations indicative of the period in which the family originally lived. “Part of what makes this one special is it also blends the real and the surreal,” Baryshnikov says.

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'Dickinson': Hailee Steinfeld Fights Societal Norms as Emily in Apple TV+ Trailer (VIDEO)

The comedy takes an unconventional approach to the writer's origin story.

“Lavinia was completely an optimist,” adds the star. “We actually know from the history that she was not such a fan of school but was still really fiery and eccentric in her own way.”

Don’t miss that fiery side when the series debuts on Apple TV+ and make sure to watch Baryshnikov’s full interview in the video above.

Dickinson, Series Premiere, Friday, November 1, Apple TV+