‘Dickinson’s Adrian Blake Enscoe Teases His Character & ‘Oddball’ Family (VIDEO)

Apple TV+ is nearly here, which means a flurry of new series are also on the way, including the quirky half-hour comedy Dickinson.

The period series breaks the rules with modern dialogue, but highlights relevant themes through the lens of the past. While the show follows the early years of famed poet Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld), her family takes center stage alongside her.

One family member happens to be Emily’s brother Austin, played by up-and-coming star Adrian Blake Enscoe. The actor joined us in the TV Insider offices to discuss his role in the new series, how the show depicts the Dickinsons and what viewers should look out for.

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'Dickinson': Hailee Steinfeld Fights Societal Norms as Emily in Apple TV+ Trailer (VIDEO)

The comedy takes an unconventional approach to the writer's origin story.

“I like to say he’s kind of ground zero for the battle of toxic masculinity in the show,” Enscoe tells us. “He’s kind of given this like, patriarchal superiority complex.” The show deals with gender inequality among many other topics still relevant in today’s world.

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The show is a “mashup of Emily Dickinson’s poetry and the themes in her poetry and also the actual facts of her life,” the actor shares. As for his character, “he’s just a kid and he’s just as confused as everybody else, and in a lot of ways Emily has a very outspoken and direct voice that is constantly challenging Austin — the way that he sees it — and so… his goal is to find out how he fits into the family,” adds the actor.

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Hear what else he has to say about the “oddball” family in the video above, and don’t miss Dickinson when it debuts on Apple TV+ this November.

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