‘Legacies’ Danielle Rose Russell on Hope’s Return, Landon & Josie and More

This Year Will Be Different
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Hope had been through quite a lot even before Legacies began. And that was before she jumped into the pit in the Season 1 finale.

But now she’s back and facing a different world, one in which no one remembers her, and she discovered in the premiere episode that, in her absence, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) has moved on (without realizing that’s what he’s done).

And while Hope left Clarke behind when she escaped Malivore, he didn’t stay there for long. What that means for Hope and everyone else has yet to be seen.

Here, Danielle Rose Russell previews Episode 2 and offers a tease about that cloaked figure at the end of the premiere.

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Hope’s back! And getting right back into the swing of fighting monsters, it looks like. What can you say about the Hope who has come back and what we’ll see from her in the next couple episodes?

Danielle Rose Russell: The Hope who has come back is a girl that has just been through a really terrifying experience. When she reenters the world, no one remembers her, and she feels completely alone, which is her worst fear. You’ll definitely see the toll that takes on her.

We saw how important it was to her to get back to Landon in the premiere and to be able to talk to him, even a version from her subconscious. How does it affect her to not have the real Landon by her side?

Oh, it’s heartbreaking. Landon allowed Hope to really get in touch with her emotions and grow into her vulnerability much more, so without him, she is definitely closed off and lost.

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She’s obviously hurt seeing Landon and Josie together, and we see her explain she technically can’t be mad because they don’t remember her. How does she deal with those conflicting emotions?

The same way a lot of people would! She’s not mad at them, she’s just deeply hurt and honestly a little jealous. Ultimately, though, she’s gonna protect him at all costs, with or without him.

Whose influence — one of her parents, Alaric, one of her friends’ — do you think is most important for her on her journey this season?

I think Alaric’s influence has been huge this season. Next episode is just beautiful with their relationship development, and you get to see that in action. I think the people that are meant to be in her life will always find their way back to her.

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Hope is probably the most vulnerable we ever see her around Landon. Is there anyone else that can bring out that side of her right now?

Right now, probably Alaric or one of her family members. But it’s different. There’s a different level of vulnerability and comfortability you have with the person you’re in love with.

Hope clearly made the right decision to leave Clarke behind, but he also seems to have found a way out. What can you preview about what he’ll be up to next and that cloaked figure we saw at the end of the premiere?

The only thing I can say about Clarke and the cloaked figure is that they’re only going to bring more trouble. And the cloaked figure is going to completely shock you.

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