‘Emergence’ Sneak Peek: Jo & Piper Have a Heart-to-Heart (VIDEO)

In last week’s series premiere of Emergence, viewers were introduced to the perplexing young girl referred to as “Piper” (Alexa Swinton).

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, “Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow,” watch as Piper has a heart-to-heart with Jo (Allison Tolman).

As viewers will remember from the first episode of the ABC thriller, Piper is a girl with extraordinary abilities some may call telekinetic. In her time staying at Jo’s home, she’s warmed up to her family, but her secret tracker that was washed down the drain in the episode’s final moments is suspicious to say the least.

Now, in the clip above, it appears Jo is picking up on Piper’s unusual behavior. Jo may not know why the girl has special abilities or why different organizations are after her, she tells Piper that she’s unique and important.

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'Emergence' Introduces the Mysterious Piper — Is She Good or Bad? (POLL)

The telekinetic powered child left viewers questioning how much she really knows in the series premiere.

“I don’t want to be special,” Piper laments.

“Oh I know,” Jo says. “There’s nothing you can do about it.”

(Credit: ABC/Eric Liebowitz)

What will this realization mean for Jo and the rest of her family? We’ll have to tune in Tuesday, October 1 to find out.

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