‘Dancing With the Stars’ Episode 3: A Star Unexpectedly Exits Due to an Injury (RECAP)

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Lights, camera, action! It’s Movie Night on Dancing With the Stars which means the 10 remaining couples — not including an injured Ray Lewis, who confirmed he will be leaving the competition after tearing three tendons in his foot — will be grooving to hits from memorable movies like Titanic and A Star Is Born.

Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 3 including scores, judges’ comments, and who went home tonight.

Lauren Alaina’s dance

The country artist and her partner Gleb Savchenko paid homage to the iconic ’90s film Pretty Woman with the Tango, complete with a red convertible and a sparkly black ensemble.

“This was full of attack, drive, and purpose,” judge Len Goodman said, clearly impressed with the performance. “The Tango you did was excellent.” Judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba both agreed with Len’s sentiment, though called out a few minor technical issues with the dance.

The singer earned two 7s and a 6, totaling 20 out of 30 for this performance.

Hannah Brown’s dance

After earning the highest score from Week 2, the former Bachelorette had her work cut out for her. Once again, she didn’t disappoint. The 25-year-old and partner Alan Bersten gave a nod to Bridesmaids with their Rumba, dancing to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips.

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Though the dance was beautiful, Hannah was called out for not giving enough hip action which is typically a staple in a Rumba dance. Regardless, she was still referred to as a “lovely dancer” from Len and pulled in 7s across the board, totaling 21 out of 30.

Karamo’s dance

The Queer Eye star and pro partner Jenna Johnson paid tribute to Elton John’s Rocketman with their Jive performance to “I’m Still Standing”.

Though the star was called out for “several mistakes” including losing footwork, he was also praised for being a “joy to watch” on stage, keeping a smile permanently present on his face. “Hopefully you don’t go home because I want to see more of you,” Carrie Ann said.

Still, Karamo kept his spirits up, saying, “I love this show. I love dancing,” before learning that he received two 5s and a 6, totaling 16 out of 30.

Ally Brooke’s dance

The pop star and her partner Sasha Farber paid tribute to the movie Selena with their Rumba performance to “Dreaming of You”. The former Fifth Harmony singer admitted she’s been looking up to the late Selena since she was a little girl. “I’m going to put my entire heart into this,” she said.

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The judges were blown away by the singer’s technique. “You really put all of your heart and soul into that dance and we all felt it,” Bruno said.

“It’s like you have an alter ego that just came out,” Carrie Ann joked.

Ally, who admitted she has a personal connection to Selena and her family, pulled in three 8s for a total of 24.

James Van Der Beek’s dance

The Dawson’s Creek star took the stage with partner Emma Slater to perform the Rumba to the smash hit from A Star Is Born, “Shallow”.

The dance, which he dedicated to his wife Kimberly, left the judges in complete awe.

“I can confidently say there was nothing shallow about that performance,” Bruno said. “You said with Emma, you made your partner look fantastic. A real gentlemen.”

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“You juiced every little once of emotion,” Carrie Ann added. “Usually the Rumba is the woman’s dance but tonight I watched both of you. It was stunning.”

Though Len commented that it was “too passionate” (whatever that means), the scores didn’t reflect that. James and Emma earned two 8s and a 7, totaling their highest score yet, 23.

Kate Flannery’s dance

After getting praised by the judges and one of the highest scores in Week 2, all eyes were on the TV star, who performed the Quickstep with partner Pasha Pashkov to “9 to 5”.

Once again, she wowed the judges with her impressive technique. “So precise, so synchronized,” Carrie Ann said. “Like the movie, this is a big hit,” Bruno added.

And the hard work paid off! The Office star brought in three 8s, totaling 24.

Lamar Odom’s dance

The athlete admitted he feels “lucky” to still be in the competition after last week’s disastrous performance. This week, he honored the movie Risky Business with his Cha Cha alongside partner Peta Murgatroyd.

Once again, the judges weren’t too impressed with the NBA star’s performance. Though they praised him for his confidence and stage presence, it was clear his dance was riddled with mistakes.

Lamar brought in the same score as last week, with 4s across the board, totaling 12.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s dance

The model and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy danced the Tango in honor of the movie, Mamma Mia — a performance that the judges definitely enjoyed.

Bruno immediately praised the blonde beauty for applying all of the corrections that the judges have given her.

“What a transformation,” Carrie Ann agreed. “Huge, huge, huge leap forward.”

The judges gave Sailor two 8s and a 7, totaling 23.

Kel Mitchell’s dance

Never let go! The All That star paid tribute to Titanic and danced the Rumba with pro partner Witney Carson to “My Heart Will Go On”.

Carrie Ann called out the actor for being “too tight” while dancing, but overall said it was a solid performance. Len agreed that the performance was strong, but also called out technicalities.

“The intensity takes away the fluidity,” Bruno said, but assured the star that he will likely have time to work on this in future dances.

The Good Burger star earned two 7s and a 6, totaling 20 out of 30.

Sean Spicer’s dance

The former White House Press Secretary and pro partner Lindsay Arnold paid tribute to Saturday Night Fever with their Cha Cha performance to “Night Fever”.

“I don’t know about Saturday Night Fever, it was more like Monday Night Luke Warm,” Len said, adding that Sean is “so pigeon-toed.”

Bruno agreed with Len’s sentiment, calling it a “disaster.” Yikes.

The couple earned 5s across the board, totaling 15 out of 30.

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Who was voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight?

As we learned early on in the episode, Ray Lewis dropped out of the competition due to an injury. Still, his partner Cheryl Burke performed his Cha Cha choreography along with Season 24 winner Rashad Jennings in his honor.

Although Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd were in the bottom two along with Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson, Len announced that no additional couples will be going home due to Ray and Cheryl’s unexpected departure.

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