‘New Amsterdam’s Freema Agyeman Talks Helen’s Fate in Season 2 (VIDEO)

Talk about a cliffhanger!

The first season finale of NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam left nearly all of its major characters in peril in the wake of a bloody ambulance crash — and there’s one doctor we are particularly concerned about at the moment. That would be Freema Agyeman‘s Dr. Helen Sharpe, who is completely missing-in-action at the end of Season 1. Fear not! We have some intel. Well, maybe.

Agyeman sat down in TV Insider’s video suite at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer to chat about working on New Amsterdam and what’s to come in the series’ second season. In fact, she admits that even she and the cast were concerned about their livelihoods, as they had as little information as viewers initially. “We’ve spent the whole summer not knowing a thing,” she explains of the finale’s twist. At least we’ll hopefully find out the doctors’ fates soon, as the series returns later this month.

(Francisco Roman/NBC)

The actress is also a vet of sci-fi’s greatest time-traveling saga Doctor Who, where she played badass companion Martha Jones, who first appeared on the series in 2006 and later went on to appear in Who spinoff Torchwood. “Even now, being 11, 12 years out of that [Doctor Who] world, people embrace you like you’ve just left it five minutes ago,” she admits.

And though she’s gone on to play roles in series like New Amsterdam and Law & Order: UK, she enjoyed her time on the very niche and very nerdy Who. “I liked playing Martha because we shared similar energy levels,” Agyeman explains.

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The premiere will pick up a few months after the ambulance crash.

Watch the video above to check out the full interview — and watch Agyeman sing a verse from her favorite song during our Fishbowl Challenge (Yes, really! Watch it!).

New Amsterdam, Season 2 Premiere, Tuesday, September 24, 10/9c, NBC