Who Is Dead on ‘New Amsterdam’ After That Season 1 Finale Crash? (POLL)

New Amsterdam S1 death
Peter Kramer/NBC (2); Francisco Roman/NBC

The first season of New Amsterdam seemed to be building to some sort of tragedy for the Goodwin family, whether with Max (Ryan Eggold), Georgia (Lisa O’Hare), or their baby.

But all three survived the finale and another ambulance crashing into theirs on their way to the hospital after Georgia gave birth at home. However, not everyone was so lucky. Dr. Bloom (Janet Montgomery) went flying through the windshield. Helen (Freema Agyeman) was nowhere to be seen in the aftermath.

Someone was being rushed to the hospital on a stretcher, but we couldn’t see who it was. Someone was under a sheet on the street. But is that person one of the characters we know?

And as executive producer Peter Horton previously told TV Insider, “Someone indeed dies. The sheet was put in there on purpose.” In fact, everything (and everyone) you saw and didn’t see was “by design.”

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But who isn’t going to survive for the second season? Here, we take a look at the possibilities, and you can vote for your pick in the poll below.


She did go flying through the windshield and was in pretty bad shape when we saw her on the street. We saw doctors and paramedics working on her, but the dead body was also awfully close to where she’d been. She’d also just decided she wanted to return to work at New Amsterdam, and it’s possible that choice, which led to her getting in the ambulance, could have cost her her life.

(Barbara Nitke/NBC)

On the other hand, there’s also plenty of story to still tell with Bloom, especially when it comes to seeing her return to work after being forced to get help for her addiction.


Helen had been standing up in the back of the ambulance, and the last time we see her, she’s being thrown around in the crash. She was nowhere to be seen at the crash site … or was she? Could she have been the one under the sheet or on the stretcher?

She seems the least likely to die, given her complicated relationship with Max and the fact that she’s once again his doctor.


She was still alive after the crash and being rushed to the hospital, but that doesn’t mean that something can’t still go wrong, just as the family thinks they’re out of the woods. Sadly, that might make her the most likely candidate to die.

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