‘The Good Place’ Creator Mike Schur Teases Season 4 Premiere Curveball

The Good Place - Season 4
Fall Preview
Colleen Hayes/NBC

What does happily ever after look like for people who are already dead? Let’s hope we find out when NBC’s afterlife comedy, The Good Place returns for its fourth and final season.

Last we saw Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and her dearly departed friends, they were embarking on a cosmic experiment to see if four new imperfect souls could become enlightened enough to earn a spot in the heavenly Good Place.

But meddling Bad Place demons dispatched some recently deceased sinner — including high-strung Chidi’s (William Jackson Harper) ex-girlfriend Simone (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) — to muddle their plans.

(Colleen Hayes/NBC)

So Chidi, worried the experiment would be tainted, had reformed demon Michael (Ted Danson) wipe his and Simone’s memories, putting a major roadblock in Chidi and Eleanor’s blossoming love story.

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True to form, creator Michael Schur promises a big twist. “Something significant happens that changes everything,” he says. “You will believe one thing is happening at the beginning of the premiere, and by the end you’ll see it’s something else.”

The Good Place, Season 4 Premiere, September 26, 9/8c, NBC