‘Bull’ Season 4 Will Explore Jason’s ‘Complicated’ Feelings on Fatherhood

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Still reeling from the Bull finale shocker that Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) is going to be a dad? So is he!

Season 4 of the courtroom drama begins roughly four months after the master trial consultant learned his remarried ex-wife, Izzy (Yara Martinez), is expecting his child following their tryst.

The premiere digs into Bull’s feelings on fatherhood — which “become more complicated” as the due date approaches, Bull showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron says — and where his relationship stands with former brother-in-law Benny (Freddy Rodriguez), who busted his boss’ lip and threatened to leave their firm after hearing of the affair.

'Bull' Prepares for Fatherhood in Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)See Also

'Bull' Prepares for Fatherhood in Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

A baby is on the way for Michael Weatherly's titular character, but his friendship with Benny is still on the outs.

Did the baby news bring Benny back into the fold? “Assume nothing!” Caron says, but he adds that the opener is “all about Benny and Bull.” Well, that and a bartender accused of involuntary manslaughter.

A later episode focuses on the birth of trial science, based on a true story. “It takes place in the ’70s,” Caron says, “and so does the episode!” Groovy.

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Bull, Season 4 Premiere, September 23, 10/9c, CBS