‘Power’ Premiere — What [Spoiler]’s Death Means for the Final Season

Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikora Power in Season 6 2019
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 6 premiere of Power, “Murderers.”]

Power didn’t waste any time in its sixth and final season premiere in revealing the fate of Angela (Lela Loren), who had been shot at the end of Season 5.

She took a bullet meant for Ghost (Omari Hardwick) to the chest — and though Tommy (Joseph Sikora) might not have meant to kill her, he did. That is “such a fantastic catalyst for Season 6,” Loren told Entertainment Weekly.

“I was sitting there doing the math,” figuring out which death would top Kanan’s (Curtis Jackson) in Season 5, she said. “I was like, ‘If you kill Tasha (Naturi Naughton), that doesn’t really do anything conflict wise in terms of setting something off that can sustain a season. If you kill Tommy, same. But if you kill Angela and have Tommy be the one who kills her, it just sends shockwaves through all of their relationships.”

She also said it was “poetic justice for Tommy,” since Ghost had manipulated him into killing his own father but Tommy hadn’t been able to (try to) shoot Ghost until that moment. “Tommy in his heart of hearts knows that he followed through in his desire to kill his brother, and there’s so much richness there for the characters to go and play,” she explained.

But he’s not the only one who will have to deal with the aftermath of what happened to Angela. There is, of course, Ghost, who will have to live with the knowledge that she took a bullet meant for him and he’d lied to her right before. As series creator Courtney A. Kemp told TVLine after the Season 5 finale, “that’s going to be something he has to struggle with because he made that decision to lie.”


“Ghost lies to her in order to keep her,” the showrunner continued. “And then he’s faced with the situation moments later where he may not have been able to keep her at all, and that the last thing that he says out of his mouth is a lie. If I’m facing that, how much would I want to have those moments back, to tell the truth?”

Loren also said that Tasha has “these uncomfortable feelings of finally respecting this woman and then her dying and having to reconcile that maybe her anger is actually really towards Ghost and not the ‘other woman.'”

According to the actress, this might have been the only possible ending for her character.

“Courtney has always said this was a crime drama and a love tragedy,” Loren said. “Whenever you have love tragedy, it means one of them isn’t going to make it. … It was just wondering how it was going to go down.”

As for how it went down — Angela protecting Ghost — that’s in line with her character. “I love that she died protecting the man that she loved,” she continued. “That is a split instinctual reaction. It shows her courage and her heart, and despite all the things that she’s done wrong, it’s a beautiful gesture.”


Now, we’ll have to wait to see how this all plays out, especially for Ghost and Tommy, in the final episodes.

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