Watch My Show: Kal Penn on the ‘Funny and Fresh’ ‘Sunnyside’

Sunnyside - Season Pilot
Fall Preview
Colleen Hayes/NBC

After a (very funny) scandal torpedoes his political career, former New York City councilman Garrett Modi (Kal Penn) makes ends meet by tutoring a diverse group of Queens residents prepping for their U.S. citizenship tests.

Here, Penn, who also serves as an executive producer on Sunnyside, sells us on his new ensemble comedy about what it takes to achieve the American Dream.

I have time to watch one more show. Why should it be yours?

Kal Penn: We are funny and fresh, and when you turn off the TV at the end of each episode, you feel good about the world.

Who should be watching this show?

Everybody! No matter who you are or where you live, you can relate. We are going to make America laugh, together.

What makes Sunnyside, Queens, an ideal setting for a show like yours?

Queens is the most diverse place in America. There’s no more patriotic place to set a comedy about a group of friends.

What’s an alternate title for Sunnyside?

The original setting was Flushing, Queens, but it turns out Flushing is a terrible title for a show.

(Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Why is your cast the best on TV?

Most of them are stand-up comics! They’re so, so funny, in really unique and unexpected ways.

What do you hope viewers will learn about America along with the characters?

We hope viewers will feel the patriotism and comedy we’re putting into each episode and fall in love with the characters as much as we have.

Sunnyside, Series Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 9:30/8:30c, NBC