Hulu’s ‘Dollface’ Explores Female Friendship Like Romantic Relationships

Fall Preview
Maarten de Boer/@iheartmaarten

Kat Dennings goes from 2 Broke Girls to one brokenhearted girl in the immensely relatable comedy Dollface that plays like a scrappier L.A.-based Sex and the City — just with Ally McBeal–ish fantasy sequences and less expensive shoes.

Thrown back into the world of singledom after a brutal breakup, Dennings’ Jules tries reuniting with the two best friends (Brenda Song and Pretty Little LiarsShay Mitchell) she all but abandoned for the dude.

But first, she has to relearn how to actually function around her fellow women.

“We wanted to show female friendship [and] dive into those relationships with as much detail as the thousands of movies and TV shows and love songs that exist about romantic relationships,” says first-time exec producer Jordan Weiss.

But don’t file this away as a for-the-ladies-only effort. “There are some male characters,” says Weiss, laughing. “We did let men on camera at times.”

Dollface, Series Premiere, Friday, November 15, Hulu