‘Katy Keene’ EP Says Spinoff Is ‘Super-Romantic’ & ‘More Comedic’ Than ‘Riverdale’

Katy Keene -- EP 101 --
David Giesbrecht/The CW

Between Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, TV versions of the Archie Comics world have specialized in dark and broody high schoolers. But not anymore! Iconic Archie character Katy Keene is stepping into the light with a frothy Sex and the City–esque dramedy.

“I think people will be surprised that it’s aspirational, super-romantic and more comedic than the other shows,” previews Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who is executive producer of all three Archieverse entries.

Katy Keene will also have a musical element. The series begins with Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), who recently left Riverdale, trying to break into the music biz in New York City.

She crashes with budding fashion designer Katy Keene (Lucy Hale), who is old pals with Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge, and roomie Jorge Lopez (Jonny Beauchamp), a Broadway wannabe who moonlights as drag diva Ginger.

Together with hip artist Pepper Smith (Julia Chan), these friends will chase dreams, face rejection and, says executive producer Michael Grassi, “all come together to lift each other up.”

Katy KeeneMidseason, The CW

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