‘The Resident’ Season 3 Trailer: Is Nic Going to Lose Conrad? (VIDEO)

The Resident Season 3 trailer Nic Conrad

The Resident Season 2 ended with Nic (Emily VanCamp) facing losing her father or sister — the audience doesn’t know who was flatlining in the finale’s last moments — but someone else very close to her is in danger in the new trailer.

Conrad’s life (Matt Czuchry) looks to be on the line in Season 3 during some sort of fire. As the promo shows, wherever Conrad is, it’s not safe. He wants Nic to get to safety, and he may be right to be worried. When he’s found later, he’s unconscious

While we don’t think we have to worry about Conrad’s fate, the last shot in the trailer, of Nic in a field, does suggest that she may in fact be losing one of her family members.

Executive producer Amy Holden told TV Insider in May, “there is no guarantee that either one of them dies. … It’s still possible to bring people back after a flatline under certain circumstances. The likelihood is somebody dies, but I’m not going to give it away.”

Watch the trailer below to see some happier moments and a look at the danger Conrad is facing.

When Season 3 begins, Red Rock Mountain Medical has taken control after Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) made a deal to save the hospital. And Red Rock Medical hires an intimidating neurosurgeon, Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut), to turn around Chastain’s finances.

“The compromise is something he could not avoid,” Holden explained. “It’s going to disempower him from protecting the hospital.”

The doctors must fight against the corrupting influence of money in health care. With each new case, they will put their futures and careers on the line to stop “profit over patients.”

The Resident, Season 3 Premiere, Tuesday, September 24, 8/7c, Fox