‘BH90210’: The Cast Faces Problems as Tori Tries to Get a Reboot Going (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Episode 2 of BH90210, “The Pitch.”]

The “nighttime-soap”-y fun of BH90210 takes center stage in the second episode of the Fox summer series.

Tori Spelling is determined to make the reboot happen, but it’s easier said than done. FOX is on board, especially if everyone from the original series is, but Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris, and even Jennie Garth (though she is part of the pitch to the network) aren’t exactly game. But that’s not the only trouble the cast runs into in “The Pitch.”

Tori Has to Work for the “Yes” From Her Former Castmates

After their day in court for the incident in Las Vegas, the others laugh at Tori’s idea for a reboot. “I need this,” she admits, even trying to guilt them into signing on. She took a bullet for them by offering to take responsibility in court, she says. “You shot the gun,” Gabrielle reminds her. But Tori refuses to let it go and instead offers each an incentive.

Jason wants to focus on directing, so Tori suggests it would look good for his career to direct the pilot. And with a baby on the way, he’s more willing to consider the gig.

Gabrielle decides to use Andrea in the reboot to explore her sexuality after her kiss in Las Vegas. “It’s not exactly new feelings,” she admits to Jason. But holding her granddaughter and “wanting her to be her most authentic self” made her realize, “What kind of hypocrite would I be if I didn’t do that myself,” she explains.

Brian is disappointed when he gets a movie role because his wife promised the producers a song. Tori suggests he do it anyway to prove to them he can do it. And after she tells him she wants him … in the reboot, he agrees to be “loosely attached.” He’s the one to later propose they all be “equal partners, creatively, everything.”

(Shane Harvey/FOX)

Ian decides to move on from his life with his (soon-to-be ex-) wife by focusing on his own business. He wants product placement for his new brand.

Jennie is initially on board — until her daughter files for emancipation because Jennie doesn’t want Kyler to act. It’s Jason who assures her she’ll be able to keep Kyler from making the same mistakes she did. With that, Jennie signs on for the reboot, as long as Kyler can have a role so she can keep on her eye on her.

Brian, Reject This Guy’s Application?

Remember the guy who showed up at Brian’s house at the end of the premiere with the wallet Brian lost in Las Vegas? Well, Zach has the cast’s old Beverly Hills, 90210 photos as his background on his computer. That wouldn’t be a problem, but he also spends Episode 2 spying on and recording Brian and Shay. Then, he sends in his application to be Brian’s assistant. The actor may want to think twice about hiring him.

Then there are the packages that show up on the cast’s doorsteps — addressed to them, without shipping labels, meaning someone dropped them off. (And we did just see Zach at Brian’s house …) Inside are dolls of each of them, and they get progressively more and more disturbing.

Brian’s head falls off. Ian’s hands and feet are detached. Jennie’s is all “bloody.” Gabrielle’s is in pieces and a leg is bent like it fell. Tori’s is chopped in pieces. And Jason’s is a voodoo doll.

(Shane Harvey/FOX)

Trouble at Home

Jason learns near the end of the episode that he has a fertility issue that means he can only conceive a child with “significant medical intervention” … just before he meets the pilot’s writer, Jack Carlisle. And this just so happens to be the guy his wife Camille met in secret earlier. “Do one thing for me, and your little secret stays a secret,” he told her at the time. So, he’s the father, right?

We don’t know what a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot would look like on this show, but we do know one thing: their “lives” would make for dramatic television.

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