How the ‘BH90210’ Series Premiere Paid Tribute to Luke Perry (POLL)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the series premiere of BH90210, “The Reunion.”]

“Maybe going back is just what we all need to move forward,” Tori Spelling suggests at the end of the BH90210 series premiere as she comes up with the idea of a reboot.

Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Spelling, Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering, and Shannen Doherty all play fictionalized versions of themselves in the Fox summer series, and it begins with the cast reuniting for a 30th anniversary fan convention.

And from the start, Luke Perry’s absence is felt. “We have honored him and dealt with him in really respectful ways, in our opinion,” Garth told TV Insider. “He’s with us in all of our hearts all the time, so it’s kind of like he’s here.”

In the first episode of the unconventional “reboot,” Jennie, Tory, Jason, Brian, Ian, and Gabrielle reunite just before the fan convention panel, and Gabrielle comments, “I can’t believe that we are all here.” In response, Jason says, “I wish that were true,” and everyone falls silent for a moment.

Later, after some antics, including Tori stealing her dress from the show from a display, they all fly home on Brian’s wife’s private jet — and Tori puts on that dress. “I forgot how much I love all of us together,” she says. “I got our dress back. … This dress belongs to all of us because this symbolizes everything that we created together.” After pointing to everyone on the flight, she adds, “And me and Shannen and Luke. We’re not all going to be here forever, but we made something that will be.”

Jason then leads the toast “to Luke.”

And finally, the last scene features a clip of Luke Perry’s Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills, 90210. Tori’s husband puts the show on for their kids, and seeing it leads Tori to come up with an idea to make money. (Her reality show had been canceled.) She wants to reboot 90210.

“Welcome to paradise, man,” Dylan says to Brandon (Priestley) in the clip. “Welcome to your dream come true.”

The episode ends on Perry’s face and a tribute: “For our friend, Luke Perry.”


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