‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Cuts: Watch the Guest Judges’ Golden Buzzers (VIDEO)

Judge Cuts 4
Justin Lubin/NBC; Trae Patton/NBC (3)

America’s Got Talent Season 14 has wrapped up the Judge Cuts, and the guest judges were the ones with the ability to award a Golden Buzzer.

A special guest joined Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Howie Mandel at their table each week, and their Golden picks meant the others had to choose six other acts to move on from each night of performances.

Check out who received that coveted honor.

Sophie Pecora (Brad Paisley)

The singer-songwriter impressed the judges during auditions with her song about being bullied. She called her second song “the most personal out of all of them,” and she wowed again.

“I think I know you from that one song,” Paisley said after her performance. “You have schooled so many people in this moment.”

V. Unbeatable (Dwayne Wade)

The dance crew from Mumbai, India honored their friend, Vikas, who fell during rehearsals and died from his injuries. Their acrobatic routine had them flying across the entire stage and even from behind the judges’ table.

“As a former athlete, I know the practice time it takes, I know the sacrifice it takes,” Wade said. “I have this saying that whenever I hit a big shot, whenever I hit a game-winner, whenever it was one of those moments, I jumped up on the stand, and I said, ‘this is my house.’ And today, on this stage, this is y’all house.”

Light Balance Kids (Ellie Kemper)

These kids from Ukraine do more than just dance. They use lights, program, and code for their performances. Their act for Judge Cuts was just as impressive as their audition and even featured a basketball game.

“I want more,” Kemper said after. “I thought this was the definition of a spectacle. … I just wish there were some guarantee to get you guys through to the live show. … Oh, wait, there is.”

Emanne Beasha (Jay Leno)

The 10-year-old sang “Caruso” (which she called the “hardest [she’s] ever done”) and was even more impressive than she’d been with her stunning audition. The opera singer received a standing audition.

“Just the fact that from a child comes an honesty and a truth, I feel like I’m a witness to something extremely special,” Leno said after. “At some point in my career, people will say, ‘What do you remember most?’ I remember hitting the Golden Buzzer.”

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