‘America’s Got Talent’: 8 Auditions From Week 5 Worth Watching (VIDEO)

AGT Week 5
Trae Patton/NBC (3)

There was a first with the Golden Buzzer as auditions continued in America’s Got Talent Season 14 on Tuesday.

That resulted in an end for the night that was just as entertaining as the rest of the two hours of talent. Two of the judges — Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Howie Mandel — even participated in a couple of the acts.

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Animals, magic, and music were on display as Season 14 continued.

Check out some of the highlights and then vote in the poll for your favorite act below.

A Violinist Threw a Knife at Simon Cowell for a Yes

Opera singer Nick and violinist Lindsay impressed most of the judges with their musical — and knife-throwing — act. Not only did she throw knives at her husband with her foot, but she even lit one of the handles on fire. Cowell then offered to change his “no” — he’d given them an X before the second part of their performance — to a “yes” if she threw a knife at him with her foot and didn’t kill him.

Kids Told a Heartbreaking Tale in Contemporary Dance

Eleven-year-old Izzy and 14-year-old Easton performed a contemporary dance about her character not wanting his, her older brother, to go off to war. “Does anyone like contemporary dance?” Cowell asked Hough before the performance, but after, he told the kids they were “fantastic.”

A Youth Choir From South Africa Showcased Hope and Beauty

The Ndlovu Youth Choir was spectacular, with a story (many of the kids’ parents had passed away) and performance everyone rooted for, and as Union said, they “did not disappoint.”

Virtual Reality Turned Howie Mandel Into a Hero As He Faced His Fears

IDEGO VR helped people face their phobias, and to demonstrate how it works, the psychologists brought Mandel up on stage and had him face his fears of heights and germs. Everyone watched on-screen as he “saved” a person hanging from a rope over a canyon.

This 10-Year-Old Opera Singer Will Be Remembered

Emanne Beasha impressed with a performance of “Nessun Dorma” that had everyone stunned to hear such a voice come out of someone so young. “The whole audience was like, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,'” Union said after. “You’re that talented. You’re just a star.”

The Cutest Act of the Night Put on a Trick-Filled Show

Lukas and his dog, Falco, put on an entertaining and “aww”-inspiring show filled with personality, tricks, dance moves, and even a pose at the end.

Who Knew That Shadow Theater Could Tell an Entire Life’s Story?

Verba Shadow told an emotional story of love, loss, family, and hope through shadow theater that had everyone on the edge of their seats. And there was even a love story to enjoy between two of its members.

This Golden Buzzer Didn’t Count, But the Dancer Won Over the Judges

Ben Trigger’s performance not only included a bit of stripping, but it even moved from the stage to the judges’ table, where he accidentally leaned back on the Golden Buzzer and triggered the celebration. That might not have counted, but he did get a “yes” from each judge.

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