Whose Life Is in More Danger on ‘Instinct’ — Julian or Ryan’s? (POLL)

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Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 4 of Instinct, “Big Splash.”]

After Sunday’s episode of Instinct, it looks like both Julian (Naveen Andrews) and Ryan (Travis Van Winkle) may be getting into some serious trouble. Sure, their jobs are dangerous in general — Julian as Dylan’s (Alan Cumming) CIA friend working freelance and Ryan as a detective — but there’s something especially disconcerting about the positions each is in by the end of “Big Splash.”

Julian never divulges much about his work, so it’s unclear exactly what he’s up to, but we do know that whatever it is is still ongoing. And Ryan has come to New York City to investigate a case connected to a death in his town, Garfield County, Nebraska, which may make him a target of a serial killer.

Here, we take a look at what each is up to and which character we should be more concerned about in Instinct Season 2.

With Julian’s work, dismemberment is a possibility

Julian has gotten himself a job as NYPD’s new computer associate “Jules” this season, to have a safe place to work until he can find himself a secure space after someone broke into his old one. Because of that, Jasmine (Sharon Leal) invites him to join them in celebrating Lizzie’s (Bojana Novakovic) promotion at a bar in Episode 4. He tells Lizzie he plans to be there, but first, he has to take a bit of time off to go to “a region outside New York City.”

Julian doesn’t share any details about his assignment, only that its “difficulty assessment” will determine how long he’s gone. When Lizzie wonders if “most likely to be dismembered” is a possible measure, he doesn’t reply and only tells her to trust him and he’ll be back for her party. “Just make it back safe,” she tells him.

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But he never shows up at the bar, so it’s unclear exactly what has happened. He could be fine, but with his line of work and the break-in at his place, anything could happen to him.

The Sleeping Beauty Killer may be eyeing Ryan as a potential victim

Ryan joined up with the NYPD (and specifically Fucci) at the beginning of Season 2 after discovering similarities between his case in Garfield County and a victim found in the park, wrapped in a blanket, in the city. He disregarded Fucci’s decision to focus on the victim’s inner circle and instead opened up his net, finding clues by visiting her dry cleaner — she had a blouse that was made and sold exclusively at a Garfield County boutique — and talking to the bartender, Jay, who served her the night of her murder.

And when Jay wants to meet up at the end of Episode 4, Dylan offers to drive Ryan because he really wants to work the Sleeping Beauty case. When they arrive at the meeting place (a rooftop), Jay’s nowhere to be found. But they do find his phone, next to a photo of his body with the message “IT’S ON.” The Sleeping Beauty Killer has struck again, taking out a potential witness, and he changed his signature.

“He’s starting to enjoy it,” Dylan says, and Ryan knows he’s “toying” with them. In fact, it looks like the Sleeping Beauty Killer is also watching them from a nearby roof.

Furthermore, Van Winkle previously told TV Insider, “The Sleeping Beauty Killer catches wind of me, and a communication begins. Over the course of the season, it’s going to get really sticky.”

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How worried should we be that Ryan and Dylan are on the killer’s radar? Obviously Dylan is safe (and let’s not even entertain the idea of Andy getting caught in the crosshairs), but the detective isn’t.

Which character are you more concerned about? Vote in the poll below.

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