‘His Dark Materials’: HBO Unveils Epic Extended Trailer (VIDEO)


HBO’s highly-anticipated fantasy drama His Dark Materials is offering fans a closer look with its newly released trailer.

The show, based on Philip Pullman’s series of books including Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, follows orphan Lyra (Dafne Keen) who lives in a parallel universe where science and magic blend together. The exciting trailer sees a battle ensue between those Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) calls ignorant and those pursuing truth and freedom.

Animals also play a large role in the series as Lyra searches for a lost friend and uncovers an untoward system involving stolen children. The discovery she will make leads Lyra on a quest to learn the mystery behind a phenomenon known as Dust. The animals in question include an armored polar bear — one that receives some major screen time in the trailer.

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'His Dark Materials' Trailer: Lyra's Journey Begins in HBO's Next Epic Fantasy (VIDEO)

The series stars Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Joining Keen and McAvoy are Ruth Wilson as Mrs. Coulter, Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby, and Clarke Peters as The Master. Wilson’s character is set up as Lyra’s early enemy as the seemingly-deceptive Mrs. Coulter takes the young girl under her wing.

(Credit: HBO)

Will Lyra find the answers she’s looking for? Fans will have to tune in this fall when the series debuts on HBO. For now, check out the mystifying new trailer below and check out more details about His Dark Materials in our panel recap from San Diego Comic-Con!

His Dark Materials, Series Premiere, Monday, November 4, 9/8c, HBO