‘American Ninja Warrior’ Los Angeles City Finals: 6 Must-See Runs (VIDEO)

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11
Lara Solanki/NBC

City finals have begun in American Ninja Warrior Season 11, and that means a longer and (much) harder course — and an even better prize for coming in first on the Power Tower.

The ninjas faced an additional four obstacles after the six they’d had to tackle in qualifying (the Shrinking Steps, Walk the Plank, Spring Forward, Diamond Dash, the Spin Hopper, and the Warped Wall). And the Salmon Ladder, Hinge, Leaps of Faith, and Spider Trap proved to be too much for most of them, with only two hitting the buzzer and facing off on the Power Tower.

During city finals, the winner of the Power Tower earns a Safety Pass — and the chance for a do-over if they fall on Stage 1 or 2 of the National Finals.

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The final round of qualifiers was filled with speed, touching stories, and dancing.

Check out the highlights below and see the ninja who advanced in the photo above. (Hunter Guerard is going to Las Vegas via the Speed Pass he earned in the city qualifiers.)

Verdale Benson Battled to the End

(Lara Solanki/NBC)

The Army veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star fought his way through most of the second half of the course, but he fell on the first transition on Leaps of Faith. He did make quite the save on the Salmon Ladder, holding on by only four fingers at one point.

Kevin Bull’s Streak to the National Finals Continued

The fan favorite continued his streak of making it to the National Finals every year he’s competed, but when he was unable to make the final transition on Leaps of Faith, he missed out on making it to the Power Tower.

Brian Kretsch Ran for His Father

One of only four athletes to compete in all 11 seasons, he was the first ninja to make it past Leaps of Faith and finish the course. It was the first time he’d hit a buzzer in a city finals in seven years.

Tiana Webberley Battled Back From Injury

(Lara Solanki/NBC)

The ninja missed out on Las Vegas last year after breaking her leg during stunt training. However, she’s heading to the National Finals this season after making it to the Hinge and securing her spot as the top female competitor on the night. (The top two women move on during city finals.)

From Mild-Mannered Farmer Ben Udy to Ninja Chad Flexington

After falling on the Spin Hopper in qualifying, he made it to the back half of the course. However, like others who attempted Leaps of Faith, he couldn’t make one of the last transitions before his arms gave out. Still, we’ll get to see this character in Las Vegas.

Flip Rodriguez Ran His Way to a Second Chance in Las Vegas

Another fan favorite, he sped through the course and became the second person to hit the buzzer — but much faster than Kretsch, giving him the fastest time of the night. He then beat Kretsch on the Power Tower and earned that Safety Pass.

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