‘American Ninja Warrior’ Los Angeles City Qualifiers: 7 Runs That Wowed Us (VIDEO)

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11
Lara Solanki/NBC

As always, another season of American Ninja Warrior brings returning favorites and new faces looking to make it to Vegas and claim that grand prize.

Season 11 kicked off with the Los Angeles City Qualifiers, which introduced a new obstacle to kick off the course and potentially trip competitors up: the Shrinking Steps. That was followed by Walk the Plank, Spring Forward, Diamond Dash, the Spin Hopper, and the Warped Wall.

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The 18-foot Mega Wall with the prize money is once again in play this season, though the rules are a bit different. This season, once competitors try it, they cannot move over to the regular wall, but they do have three chances (with the prize money decreasing with each try: $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500.)

Also new this season is the Power Tower. The two fastest finishers face off on this addition, and the winner gets the Speed Pass, which means they can go straight to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

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Thirty competitors advanced to the City Finals, with 11 finishing the course and one Mega Wall success. Check out the highlights below.

David Alvarez Ran for Family

(Michael Becker/NBC)

He was separated from his sister when both were placed in foster care at young ages. He hasn’t had any luck finding her, so he ran with her name (Wallyssa) on his shirt in hopes his appearance would reunite them. He successfully completed the course and advanced to the City Finals.

Flip Rodriguez Conquered the Fifth Obstacle

After falling on the fifth obstacle in 2018, which kept him from reaching the Mega Wall, he made it past the Spin Hopper and took the chance to walk away with money by trying the taller wall. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it up, but he did advance.

Samantha Bush Is Returning to the City Finals

(Michael Becker/NBC)

She made it to the City Finals in 2018 as a rookie, though she fell on the fourth obstacle. In 2019, she made it past that obstacle, despite a stumble. While she fell on Spin Hopper, she made it farther than any female competitor at that point of the night. She is one of two female competitors to advance, and both were in the Top 30.

Adam Rayl’s Speed Didn’t Cost Him

(Michael Becker/NBC)

One of the returning favorites, Adam worries his mother every time he’s on the course. That didn’t change with this run, though he did fall on the Spin Hopper. Fortunately, he went far enough fast enough to advance.

Scott Wilson Conquered the Mega Wall

(Michael Becker/NBC)

This is his fifth season — and not only did he make it past the fifth obstacle for the first time in qualifying and hit his first buzzer, he was also the only one to make it up the Mega Wall and take home $10,000.

Kevin Bull Saved Himself on Spring Forward

The veteran competitor just managed to hold on on the third obstacle, but he made it through that and beat the fifth obstacle after falling on it last season. He was even close to having one of the fastest times on the night.

Hunter Guerard and David Campbell Faced Off on the Power Tower

After moving quickly through the regular course, both sped through the Power Tower, with each taking the lead at least once. It was a close finish, but Hunter had the edge and won the Speed Pass.

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