‘Arrow’ Sets Returns From Colin Donnell & Josh Segarra in Final Season

Colin Donnell Josh Segarra
Jack Rowand/The CW; Bettina Strauss/The CW

Thanks to hallucinations, flashbacks, and the multiverse, death doesn’t mean the end of an actor’s time on Arrow.

The series’ final season is going to feature guest appearances from Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn) and Josh Segarra (Adrian Chase), Entertainment Weekly reported. Considering their characters are dead (at least on Earth-1 in both cases and also on Earth-X, in Tommy’s), they likely won’t be the characters we got to know during their seasons.

“Adrian Chase comes back in a different way than expected,” showrunner Beth Schwartz said. “We’re really excited about that because obviously he’s one of our favorite villains.” But could it be that he’s not the bad guy this time?

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Segarra played Chase/Prometheus in Season 5, and the big bad killed himself at the end of that season. However, he did appear again, in Season 6, when Oliver (Stephen Amell) hallucinated him after he was dosed with Vertigo.

As for Donnell’s guest spot, he won’t be “coming back as the Tommy we know,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said.

(Jack Rowand/The CW)

This won’t be the first time that’s the case. Oliver’s best friend died during the Undertaking in the Season 1 finale. He has since appeared in Season 2’s “Three Ghosts,” Season 3’s “Sara” and “The Return,” Season 6’s “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2” (as Earth-X Tommy) and “Docket No. 11-19-41-73” (albeit as Christopher Chance using Tommy’s face), and Season 7’s “Living Proof.”

So what could be bringing these two characters back this time? Their returns could be a sign that the Season 8 premiere’s title, “Starling City,” does mean that Oliver might be visiting other Earths this season, including ones where the city was never renamed and Tommy and Chase are both still alive. If that’s the case, we might get to see very different versions of the characters.

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