‘The Detour’: He Said/She Said With Jason Jones & Natalie Zea

The Detour

The dysfunctional Parker family has been scouring the globe in Season 4 for runaway teen Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich).

On Tuesday, the sitcom flashes back to one humiliating stop, when ex-con artist mom Robin and bumbling dad Nate (Natalie Zea and Jason Jones), plus goofball son Jared (Liam Carroll), took on a Japanese game show.

Here’s more from the parents of The Detour.

After four seasons, what would you change about your onscreen spouse?

Jason Jones: Robin is perfect. But if you meant Natalie, her love of books. I don’t like it. It makes me feel dumb.

Natalie Zea: Nothing. He’s also my boss.

Which of you is most like your character?

Jones: Nate is a big dumb oaf who is way too impulsive and reactionary. So I’m going to go with Natalie.

Zea: Me. I say that because I know Jason primarily as a producer-actor-writer. I don’t really get to see him being a dad in real life, and as Nate has been unemployed since Season 2, I don’t know what Nate even looks like with a job.

How would you describe Robin and Nate as parents?

Jones: People with kids say, “Hmmm, I’ve seen worse. At least they’re trying. Sort of.”

Zea: Capable.

What do you think Delilah and Jared will be like as adults?

Jones: Will Delilah punch first and ask questions later? Will Jared be as dumb as his father? Yes. And then some.

Zea: Thoroughly therapized.

No. 1 tip for surviving a Japanese game show?

Jones: Don’t go on one. It is your only hope.

Zea: Make sure your bodysuit is two sizes too small.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from the July 23 episode:

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