‘Grand Hotel’ Sneak Peek: Yoli & Marisa Discuss Their Relationship (VIDEO)

The drama continues in the July 15 episode of ABC’s addictive new drama Grand Hotel, and this time it involves hotel heiress Yoli (Justina Adorno) and spa employee Marisa (Sabrina Texidor).

In an exclusive sneak peek of the episode, titled “You’ve Got Blackmail,” the women share a mid-day date in the spa of the titular hotel. While Yoli attempts to set the mood by lighting some candles alongside their fancy spread of fruits and cheeses, Marisa isn’t so easily satisfied.

“You know what? That’s enough candles. You’re gonna set off the sprinklers,” Marisa warns Yoli. “Oh, I was trying to make it a little more romantic,” Yoli counters.

“You know what would be romantic?” Marisa asks to which Yoli responds, “What?”

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The Miami Beach establishment is harboring some secrets.

“A picnic in the park or a rooftop or anywhere that isn’t this dinky little massage room.”

It seems like Marisa isn’t pleased keeping their love under wraps, while Yoli is still hesitant to reveal their relationship in public. Can they come to a compromise?

Viewers will have to tune in on Monday, July 15 to find out!

Grand Hotel, Mondays, 10/9c, ABC