‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Hometowns: Jed’s Own Family Doesn’t Get Why Hannah Likes Him (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

We’re headed to hometowns on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, which means Hannah Brown will be meeting the families of Tyler C., Jed, Peter, and… yes, even Luke.

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited to see what kind of family is responsible for raising such a creature that is Luke P., so I won’t stall any longer. Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode:

Peter’s hometown

Since we pretty much only know one thing about Peter, and that’s the fact that he’s a pilot, it makes perfect sense that he takes Hannah on an airplane when she visits his hometown. On the drive over to the airport, Hannah starts digging through Peter’s car (classic) and finds a condom (even more classic). She immediately reminds him that they’ll only be holding hands and kissing on this hometown date. Bummer. Guess there aren’t any windmills nearby.


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Later in the evening, Peter takes Hannah to meet his family — his mom, dad, and little brother. They eat Cuban food and do a German prayer. Really covering all types of cultures on this date.

Okay, and TEARS. So many tears. Peter, his mom, and his dad all break out crying at different points throughout the night and I’m just waiting for the little brother to crack.

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At the end of the night, Peter walks Hannah out and plans to tell her that he loves her, but ends up chickening out. Instead he tells her that he’s crazy about her and is excited for the future. Bo-ring.

“Watching her drive away, I do wish I had said something,” he admits. “I really hope it’s not too late.”

Tyler C.’s hometown

Next, Hannah heads to Jupiter, FL to see Tyler with his shirt off meet Tyler’s family. They kick off the day portion of the date with a boat trip around town. Hannah appears to be having a blast rubbing sunscreen all over Tyler’s abs and I don’t blame her. I would pay Tyler to let me lotion him up.


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Tyler admits that he’s anxious to see his father, who’s been struggling with his health, as it’s been “weeks and weeks and weeks” since he last saw him. When he walks into his parent’s home with Hannah, he immediately hugs his dad and their reunion is sweet. Just when I thought there wasn’t a man cuter than Tyler, we meet his dad.

Tyler’s dad seems fully convinced that Hannah is meant to be with his son. “I haven’t seen my son this happy in a long time,” he says. “It’s good to see him that happy.”

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At the end of the night, Tyler walks Hannah out and tells her, “I do feel like I’m falling in love with you.” Swoon. If only his shirt was still off. Just when we think he’s about to say goodbye to Hannah, he pushes her into the backseat of the van and climbs in with her for an extra makeout session. Tyler, you’re killing me.

Luke’s hometown

Off the bat, Luke acknowledges that his relationship with Hannah has been a total shitshow. Yes, we know Luke, we’ve had to sit through the whole damn thing.

He invites her to meet his friends and family and we, once again, are reminded of the fact that Luke had a lot of sex in college. He stands in front of the room full of people (not sure who they even are?) and confesses that his college life was “full of sin” and that the life-changing shower he took way back when really set him on the right path. Hannah seems embarrassed. What am I watching?

Later that night, Hannah and Luke head to his parent’s home and meet his dad, mom, siblings, grandma, the dogwalker, the dogwalker’s nephew, etc, etc, etc.

Luke reveals to his family that he dropped the L-bomb after knowing Hannah for approximately 30 seconds. No one seems surprised or shocked and this is all starting to make sense.

“Truly for like three weeks I don’t think we had a real conversation,” Hannah tells his family. Truly the building blocks of a healthy relationship.

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Hannah sits down with Luke’s dad and she asks if Luke would be ready for an engagement. That seems like a pretty ridiculous question considering he would’ve proposed on night one if ABC allowed it. Serious questions only, Hannah. Like, how about, has your son ever killed anyone?

Later that night, Luke confesses to Hannah that he loves her. She seems really, really happy about this confession and I am so confused. Doesn’t she hate him? Isn’t he just here for ratings? Why is she falling for this?

Jed’s hometown

Finally, Hannah gets to Knoxville for Jed’s hometown date. He wastes no time before he reminds us all once again that he is a musician and he takes Hannah to a music studio. Turns out, the two are going to record a song together. Shameless plug! The song is supposed to represent their entire relationship but yet all the lyrics seem to call out the date they just had last week when they walked along cobblestone streets. Deep.

we sing in Knoxville. #TheBachelorette pic.twitter.com/AOt6xdR53h

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Just before Jed brings Hannah to meet his family, he confesses that he loves her and they both appear to get choked up.

With the family, Jed’s mom makes a toast about “sticking to your truth” and something tells me she’s making a subtle jab at the fact that her son is a dirty little liar may have a secret girlfriend. Things get even more awkward when Hannah sits down with Jed’s mom for a private conversation.


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“I told your son I’m falling in love with him,” she tells his mom.

“Do you say that to all of them?” Jed’s mom asks. Fair question, to which Hannah replies, “No. I haven’t said it to anybody else.”

You can practically see this woman’s stomach sink as she realizes that her son … the one with the girlfriend back home (supposedly) … has a good shot at being the final one standing at the end of this whole thing. The look on her face says it all.


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Both Jed’s mom and sister tell Hannah that she might as well run in the other direction because pretty much the only thing Jed is interested in is a music deal. The night wraps up on an awkward note as Hannah says goodbye to the family.

“My fear is either our relationship or his music will suffer. I need more time to think about this relationship and where it will go from here,” Hannah says. “I’m just very confused in my feelings.”

Who goes home?

Hannah has three roses to hand out and Peter gets the first one. The second one is given to Tyler, which means it’s down to Luke or Jed. Who will Hannah send home tonight?

Right as we’re about to find out, Hannah walks out of the room in tears. Chris Harrison makes his first cameo of the episode and asks Hannah if she’s okay. She reveals that she needs more time with all four guys because she’s afraid of closing the door on a relationship that’s not done.

And so… all four men get roses. Yes, even Luke.

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