Can Clarke Kick Josephine Out of Her Head and Save Herself on ‘The 100’?

The Gospel of Josephine
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 6 of The 100, “Memento Mori.”]

Clarke is dead … or is she?

Everyone in Sanctum, including our heroes of The 100, is operating under the assumption that when a person becomes a host and their mind is replaced, that person dies. However, the end of “Memento Mori” suggests that is not the case and gives hope that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) can find a way to regain control of her body.

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At the beginning of the episode, only Bellamy (Bob Morley), locked away by Sanctum’s people, and Murphy (Richard Harmon), assisting Josephine in her charade so she could convince Abby (Paige Turco) to create more Nightbloods, know the truth. And if Abby wasn’t so worried about Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), she, too, probably would have noticed that something isn’t right with her daughter.

However, that changes by the end of Episode 6, as Bellamy learns Murphy’s cockroach ways haven’t changed. Rather than fight back, Bellamy urges the group to do what Clarke would have wanted for them: survive. They all begin to mourn her as though she’s dead.

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But the final scene suggests otherwise. Josephine takes a pill before going to sleep, and that’s when we get a look inside her head — where Clarke is still alive, albeit trapped with her memories. Will she be able to kick Josephine out of her head?

It sure looks like she’s going to try — and in some familiar places, hence the logline reading, “Clarke’s past catches up to her” — in the promo for “Nevermind.”

This means there is the possibility that we’ll see Clarke again (and not just in her head), but we have no idea what this means for her future just yet. If she beats Josephine in a battle in her mind, does she regain control of her body? Or could she for long enough to alert one of the others she’s still in there? (If that’s the case, should we hope it’s not Murphy? He may be too determined to not die to truly be of help.) Would the chip have to be removed from her body to get rid of Josephine?

Whatever happens with Clarke, this revelation could have major implications for all of Sanctum. It’s unclear if anyone else knows that the host’s mind is trapped — Clarke is obviously strong-willed and did not go along with this willingly, which may explain why she’ll be able to fight back — but it’s something that will hopefully be addressed.

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Right now, all that matters is what this means for Clarke and her friends. Could Murphy think twice about his own potential immortality? Will Abby decide against this way of saving Kane? And how will Abby react first when she’s told her daughter’s dead and then when she eventually learns that’s not the case? She’s the one the Primes need the most since she can make people Nightbloods.

But first, we need to see how things play out between Clarke and Josephine in the next episode.

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