'Sweetbitter' Season 2 Trailer Unleashes Tess's Adventurous Side (VIDEO)

Sweetbitter Season 2 2019

Sweetbitter is almost here for Season 2 and Starz is celebrating with a new teaser trailer.

Slated to return on Sunday, July 14, Sweetbitter continues the story of Tess (Ella Purnell), who began her story as a transplant in New York City finding her way. But what's next for the not-so-new employee?

She's in the game, but in order to play it, she'll have to invest more than just her knowledge of Bordeux versus Burgundy. Tess's appetite for knowledge will be unquenchable as she explores the lengths she'll go in order to stay in the game.

"Tess discovers that knowledge alone is not enough: She needs to be able to use it, to move from her head to her body. She needs experience," reads the season logline. This is apparent in the teaser trailer which sees Tess jump without looking, so to say.

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The hunger that drives Tess will carry her through a sexual awakening, a discovery of her own voice as well as an understanding of her own power in Season 2. Not all have Tess's appetite though, and she'll question what her role in the restaurant's game is before the season's through.

Along with Purnell, Caitlin FitzGerald, Tom Sturridge, Paul Sparks, Evan Jonigkeit, Eden Epstein, Jasmine Mathews and Daniyar will appear in the upcoming episodes. Catch them and Tess's Season 2 journey when the show returns in July and get your sneak peek at it all in the teaser below.

Sweetbitter, Season 2 premiere, Sunday, July 14, 9/8c, Starz