What Happened Between Luke P. & Luke S.? Examining the ‘Bachelorette’ Body-Slam (VIDEO)

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Let the Battle of the Lukes commence!

Every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette has at least one epic feud, and this season it’s all about what’s going on between Luke P. and Luke S..

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The group heads to Newport, Rhode Island for the first stop of their journey and drama follows them there.

During the June 3 episode, a literal fight seemed to break out between the two contestants during the group date. While playing a very rough game of rugby, Luke P. supposedly “body-slammed” Luke S. to the ground.

Though the entire moment wasn’t totally caught on camera, fans were able to see Luke P. throw Luke S. down in the background of a quick clip of the episode.

Luke P. claimed the reason he hurled Luke S. was “self-defense.” Of course, Luke S. — and a majority of the other guys on the date — didn’t buy Luke P.’s reasoning.

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Hannah Brown was obviously concerned about what went down during the date and decided to pull Luke P. aside during the evening portion to discuss details.

During the conversation, Luke P. told Hannah Luke S. tried to take a swing at him, so he acted in self-defense by throwing him to the ground. He also claimed Luke S. spends most of his days not talking about Hannah and instead discussing his tequila business.


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Hannah, clearly frustrated, went to Luke S. to get his side of the story, and he defended himself and claimed other guys in the house also have a problem with Luke P.

As it turns out, a lot of the guys do seem to have issues with Luke P., including Mike, Garrett, and a few others.

Luke S. even decided to take a shot at Luke P. in front of the other guys, saying, “Do you know everyone in here thinks you’re nuts, right? How do you feel about that? I’m here for Hannah, and don’t you ever f**king forget it … I never want to see you again in my life.”

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During the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the fight between both of the Lukes continued. Mike even went so far as to call Luke P. a “psychopath” and told him, “You’re the cause of her not being her happiest right now.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any resolution, as the episode ended in a cliffhanger with Hannah pulling both Lukes aside to discuss the situation.

Will Hannah send Luke P. and Luke S. home? Will she pick sides? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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