9 ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Candidates From ‘Bachelorette’ Season 15 (PHOTOS)

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Bachelor in Paradise contestants

Connor S.

Connor proved he’d be the ultimate boyfriend after he left those sticky notes all over Hannah’s apartment following his 1-on-1 date. While he may not be Hannah’s guy, he’s definitely a catch and would be a perfect addition to Paradise. Plus, have you seen him without his shirt on?!



Yes, Cam is a little psycho, but he makes for great television. We’d like to see him ABC (Always Be Cam) down in Mexico. Also, we need to get to the bottom of this whole Grandma-Amputation-Puppy story he told Hannah before he was sent home!



There’s a good chance Jed’s either engaged to Hannah or in line to be the next Bachelor, but if he’s neither of those things he should head to Paradise. While the show is fun because of the drama and craziness, it also needs quality guys who will make great boyfriends. Jed is 100% boyfriend material.



Much like Jed, there’s a strong possibility Pilot Peter is either with Hannah or going to be the next Bachelor, but we’d like him to fly on down to Mexico. We could totally see him hitting it off with Hannah G.


John Paul Jones

All of John Paul Jones’s friends call him John Paul Jones, and so will the cast of Paradise. This guy has to be in Mexico this summer. In fact, his obsession with chicken nuggets is enough to make us want to send him to Paradise right now. Every season of Paradise needs laughs, and there’s no doubt John Paul Jones will bring the comedy.


Luke P.

Luke P. is possessive and way too intense, which makes him the perfect person to go on Paradise. He also seems to fall in love really quickly, which is great considering how short the show really is. If Paradise knows what’s good for them, they’ll get Luke P. on the beach this summer.



We’d really love to see Mike as the next Bachelor, but he’d also be great on Paradise. Not only is he not afraid to call out people when they’re being ridiculous, he’s very sweet and deserves all the happiness in the world.


Tyler C.

Tyler C. doesn’t seem to have a ton of personality, but he isn’t hard to look at, that’s for sure. While he might not make interesting television, all the girls on Paradise this season would totally fawn over him. He might cause some serious drama between the ladies!


Matt Donald

Justice for Matt Donald! Much like Grocery Store Joe last year, Matt should’ve never been sent home on night one of The Bachelorette. He deserves to come on Paradise to find a nice girl, just like how Joe found Kendall. We have a feeling it’s all going to work out for Matt in the end!

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 won’t be hitting our televisions until later this summer, but the show is gearing up to start filming very soon.

While this season is sure to be filled with past fan-favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette alums, there’s also going to be a lot of Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette Season 15 rejects on this season. Though we don’t know who’s going to be sent home, who Hannah picks, and who’s in the running to be the next Bachelor, we can make some predictions.

Click through the gallery above for our nine best picks for contestants from Hannah’s season who will wind up on Paradise.

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