‘Sneaky Pete’: Giovanni Ribisi & Marin Ireland Preview a Wild Season 3

Giovanni Ribisi and Marin Ireland in Sneaky Pete
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Amazon Prime Video’s crime drama Sneaky Pete returns for Season 3 on Friday, May 10, and the action is picking up where things left off.

As Marius’ (Giovanni Ribisi) relationship with the Bernhardt family continues to unfold, so does his next criminal pursuit when a stranger from his past reenters his life. Will he be unveiled for who he is? TV Insider spoke with Ribisi and costar Marin Ireland about their characters, what’s next and more.

As fans saw Season 2 close, it appeared as though Julia (Ireland) was on to the con man pretending to be her cousin Pete. While it’s still unclear if she’ll uncover his identity, Ireland does reveal that she and Ribisi will continue to appear onscreen together. “We’re gonna find her entering into Marius’ world in a deeper way,” she teases of Julia’s story this season.

“I think Season 3 for Julia was sort of two-pronged in that, she definitely has to face consequences,” Ireland says of Julia’s own Season 2 criminal activities. “What she committed were really serious federal crimes [Laughs].”

“She is at the same time trying to face the music, but also already in pretty deep so there’s a couple of things that she’s trying to figure out,” Ireland continues.

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But how deeply involved will she become? Well, it’s clear that Marius will be playing a role. “They have a relationship that is, honestly, just really a joy to play, and I think that it’s also one that is very unusual and kind of distinctive in terms of television — they’re magnets, and sometimes they flip the other way and repel each other, but they can’t help coming back together somehow.”

One thing that could tear them apart is the newest character who threatens the bond between Marius and the Bernhardts. “There’s this growing loyalty bond [Marius] has with the [Bernhardt] family,” Ribisi says, “and the sense of belonging through this fake identity that he has. Then what’s great about this season is we have a new character that comes into play from his past.”

Expect some crazy moments that will make you feel torn because, “This relationship that he was in with this woman — he’s mixed up between the two,” Ribisi explains. “And she keeps tempting him back into his other life.”

“This is somebody that brings up a lot of emotional stuff for him that we haven’t ever seen before,” adds Ireland.

Apart from new faces, expect to explore different locations as the Bernhardts will travel outside of Bridgeport and New York City for a new journey. “I think that they succeeded in finding a really character-driven, plot-driven way to get us out [of our environment],” Ireland says of the writers.

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While the story between the Bernhardts and their faux family member continues, so does their odd bond. “He has a certain seduction and that’s his whole thing,” Ribisi says of his character. “That’s how he’s a confidence man.” But he notes that the family he’s conning are “also flawed.”

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