‘Sneaky Pete’s Margo Martindale Previews Audrey’s Emotional Season 3 Arc

Margo Martindale in Sneaky Pete
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Margo Martindale would like you to start watching Sneaky Pete, please. “You’ll love these people so deeply,” promises the actress. She’s referring to the Bernhardts, your atypical Connecticut family that runs a bail bond business.

In the third go-round of the crime drama, they cope with more struggles and secrets as the title character con man (Giovanni Ribisi) continues to betray their trust. The three-time Emmy winner, who plays matriarch Audrey, shares more. Well, as much as she’s allowed to share.

We haven’t seen the Bernhardts in more than a year. What’s changed?

Margo Martindale: It’s very much a story about family this year. Honestly, it’s some of the best work ever [because] we’re all so connected [offscreen]. We shot in Los Angeles this year [Seasons 1 and 2 were filmed in New York]. And Peter [Gerety], who plays my husband, and Shane [McRae], who plays my grandson, and Marin [Ireland], who plays my granddaughter, and I all live in the same apartment building. We ate together, we worked together.

How has Audrey evolved?

In the past, she’s had to be the bad guy to keep it all together for everybody else. Her armor is coming down a bit. She’s more vulnerable and fragile. You’ll see a more emotional arc this season.

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You’re being a bit cryptic.

If somebody says something about what’s going to happen on the show, I am pissed off. Spoilers ruin things. But we only know one episode at a time anyway. I like being in the dark. It helps in acting, quite honestly. Of course, I do know what happens at the end of Season 3…because we shot it! [Laughs]

OK, so give us one last tease.

There is a shift in the family that takes us on a whole new journey. A physical shift. Is that vague enough for you? [I did] The Americans for six years. Talk about keeping secrets.

Sneaky Pete, Season 3 Premiere, Friday, May 10, Amazon Prime Video

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