What’s the Deal With Maya’s Stalker on ‘The Fix’? Everything We Know So Far

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 8 of The Fix, “Queen for a Day.”]

Is there more to Maya’s (Robin Tunney) stalker than meets the eye?

She finally knows his identity — a security guard at the DA’s office, Leo (Erik Palladino) — by the end of Monday’s episode of The Fix.

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Leo has been stalking her for years, leaving her gifts dating back to 2011, as we saw when she added his “welcome home” one to the collection of others. But he escalated when she returned for Sevvy’s (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) case.

When Maya’s boyfriend, Riv (Marc Blucas), found one of the gifts, she told him about her stalker. Riv’s own investigation led him to the empty house next door from which her stalker watched her. He also found the bug planted in her house. It was when Riv spoke into that bug that viewers learned the stalker’s identity.


Leo then stepped up his game, killing Buck (Robert Ray Wisdom) when the private investigator broke into Maya’s home to find out what she had on Ezra (Scott Cohen).

Episode 8 begins with Maya’s house cordoned off as a crime scene and the police assuring her and Riv they’ll protect her — until they learn she’s investigating one of their own, Detective North (Robbie Jones), for possibly planting evidence to frame Sevvy.

At the end of the episode, Leo offers to walk Maya to her car, just as Matthew (Adam Rayner) shows CJ (Merrin Dungey) a bug he found in the war room. It matches the one in Maya’s house, meaning the stalker has security clearance.

“I can’t let anything happen to you,” Leo tells Maya. “You’ve got an important job to do.” He checks that she’s not staying at home, and she tells him he’s in a hotel. He offers to follow her there, but she turns him down.


With Buck out of the way, he thinks her case “just got a whole lot easier.” She eyes the scratches on the hand he puts on her car, and he stops her from getting in. “I think I said too much,” he says.

And in case there’s any part of Maya that doubts he’s her stalker, he confirms as much in the promo for Episode 9, “Jeopardy.” “I killed a man for you,” he tells her. She fights back and makes a run for it.

But where is this stalker storyline going? Here are three theories.

Riv’s Going to Die

We don’t want this to be the case, but it’s not looking good for Maya’s boyfriend. He’s the one who’s been investigating the stalker in earnest, and Leo may very well want to take out anyone close to Maya.

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Furthermore, part of the logline for “Jeopardy” reads, “CJ and Riv hatch a plan to lure in Maya’s stalker,” and the promo shows Riv in a backyard, holding a gun.

Sadly, the series could be getting Riv out of the way to further explore a possible future for Maya and Matthew down the line.

Leo Is the Answer to the Sevvy Case

He showed that he’s trying to help Maya with the case. He took out one of Ezra’s people. He even commented that doing so made things “a whole lot easier” for her. What if he was the one to plant the jacket, not North?

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The Episode 9 promo also shows Ezra saying Sevvy “might actually be innocent.” Is it crazy to think that Leo may have killed Jessica and framed Sevvy so that Maya could put the man in prison after she failed to do so years ago?

Someone Else at the D.A.’s Office Is Involved

Leo obviously uses his job there to be close to Maya, but what if he’s also there because someone else in the office wants him there and positioned him there?

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

We’ve already seen that Loni (Mouzam Makkar) was a mole for Ezra. What if there’s someone else in the office Maya can’t trust?

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