This ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 5 Theory Spells Bad News for Team Michael

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Jesse Giddings/The CW

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 6, of Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Eighty-Seven”]

Now that Michael (Brett Dier) is back in Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) life on Jane the Virgin, fans have been wondering what will happen next in the fifth and final season of the CW series. And the most recent episode, “Chapter Eighty-Seven,” left viewers with an even more confusing cliffhanger.

Since Michael’s return from the “dead,” things have gone haywire in Jane’s world — especially when it comes to her relationship with baby daddy Rafael (Justin Baldoni). And at the end of the May 1 episode, the usually-cautious Jane agreed to travel to Montana with Michael to explore their relationship now that he’s no longer suffering with amnesia. At first, this seems like good news for Team Michael members, but could the decision actually be the kiss of death?

Jane’s recent compulsive behavior is a sign of change for her, but Michael’s also not the same guy he used to be. A trip to Montana could prove that they’re no longer a perfect match.

Many fans were theorizing as much on social media after the latest installment, with some predicting that Michael and Jane will get closure on their feelings in Michael’s new hometown (from when he was “Jason”). And some are saying Michael may send Jane home to Miami without him after this.

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Then again, if Michael stays in Montana that means viewers aren’t likely to see him again for the rest of the series, and some fans are definitely not okay with that.

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