Looks Like McGee Isn’t Leaving ‘NCIS’ After All — Sean Murray Speaks Out

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 16, Episode 21 of NCIS, “Judge, Jury … “]

Don’t worry, NCIS fans. McGee (Sean Murray) hasn’t been wooed away from the team by tech company Splendifida.

Even if he had been considering it, that job offer is no longer an option after Tuesday’s episode. McGee takes time off work to tour the Splendifida campus in Silicon Valley, California. He says he wants to spend time there before deciding if he wants to lead the division handling the data requests and warrants from law enforcement as the Information Request Liaison.

However, it turns out that he’s really there as part of Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Vance (Rocky Carroll), and CIA Officer Clark’s (Scott William Winters) investigation into the secret account with $250,000 in it that traced back to U.S. Secretary of Defense Wynn Crawford (Mitch Pileggi). McGee is looking into the account records via a backdoor in Splendifida’s servers.

And once his tour guide at Splendifida catches him in the company’s system, his job offer is revoked, so that’s not an option. McGee’s not going anywhere, a sentiment that Sean Murray echoed. “I’m under contract right now, so I have no plans to leave the show,” the actor said to CountryLiving.com. “I don’t think McGee’s going anywhere.”

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But the investigation into that secret account does heat up. In fact, it even ties into the case of the week.

In 1989, a man poisoned a box of ice cream bars, which killed one teenager. In 2019, the team analyzes DNA evidence, and Crum even confesses. However, his DNA should never have been in the system, so the judge has no choice but to throw out those results, and Crum goes free.

But he doesn’t stay free for long, as the court’s bailiff kills him — and it turns out he was paid with money from that secret offshore account, which, McGee learns, was closed immediately after that $3 million withdrawal. He doesn’t know who withdrew it or what happened to the rest of the money. Someone knows they’re digging, which may explain how the episode ends.

Gibbs and Vance go to meet Clark to discuss the case and find the CIA officer dead, in Gibbs’ living room, with Mallory (Dionne Gipson), the spy who cozied up to Vance for Clark, there. There’s a gun on the floor next to his body. But she insists it’s not what they think. What happened?

This is one of those rare episodes with a “To Be Continued …,” so we’ll have to wait and see. In Episode 22, “…and Executioner,” the team will continue to try to find who’s behind this account funding a network of vigilante justice — and now targeting Gibbs?!

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