‘Shadowhunters’: Does Magnus Erase His Memories of Alec? (RECAP)

Harry Shum Jr.
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 19 of Shadowhunters, “Aku Cinta Kamu.”]

Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Jace (Dominic Sherwood) are both willing to do whatever they have to when they’re suffering because of the ones they love.

As a warlock, Magnus can do something some may wish they could following Alec (Matthew Daddario) breaking up with him on Shadowhunters: forget it all. It’s just too bad he doesn’t know his boyfriend ended their relationship instead of proposing as part of a deal with Asmodeus (Jack Yang) to get Magnus his magic back.

Meanwhile, Jace wants to get Clary (Katherine McNamara) away from Jonathan (Luke Baines) after the rune that binds them together overtook her. In an attempt to do so, he goes over to the dark side — at least enough to convince the siblings that he’ll do anything to be with Clary.

Magical Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Asmodeus finds his son suffering after his and Alec’s breakup and returns his magic to him. He claims he just wants to see Magnus “happy” and wants another chance to be his father, but Magnus leaves via a portal.

Magnus then wanders around, remembering important moments he shared with Alec. They have a lock on a wall of love locks, with “aku cinta kamu” (Indonesian for “I love you”) magically etched on it. In his pain, Magnus takes the lock off the wall and incinerates it.

They even spoke about being better parents than their own. “When it comes to having a family, you wouldn’t be doing it alone,” Alec reminds him in his memory.

Magnus seeks out Brother Zachariah and asks him to erase all his memories of Alec. And this is such a serious matter that Zachariah speaks! “Magnus, you’ve lost great loves before, as have I, and as painful as those memories may be, they’re a part of who we are,” he says.

“Alec is different,” Magnus admits. “Losing him, it’s breaking me.”

Zachariah knows that Magnus can erase his own memories, but he won’t do it because he’ll regret it. “If erasing Alec from your life is truly what you want, you’ll find the strength to do it on your own,” Zachariah tells him.

But it’s Asmodeus who stops him, again manipulating part of his son’s life just like he orchestrated the breakup.

“Pain is the path to enlightenment,” his father says. “I know, because losing you is what made me realize that my son’s love is all that matters to me.”

“This Shadowhunter you love, the heartache you’re feeling, fight through it, no matter how painful,” Asmodeus continues. “Those memories will make you wiser, stronger.”

Magnus keeps his memories of Alec and breaks down in his father’s arms.

Jace Will Do Anything for Love

The Clave reinstates the kill order on Clary and Jonathan, meaning they have to break their bond immediately. Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) continues to work on the heavenly fire serum and reforging the sword Glorious. If they can stab Jonathan with it, they can destroy the rune.

But first, they need to find the siblings, who have deactivated their anti-tracking runes. Fortunately, Jace comes up with a plan that works. He convinces Clary that he can’t live without her — especially with the kill order reinstated. “If that means I have to give up on everything I love to keep you safe, to keep you both safe, so be it,” he says.

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Clary can’t live without Jace either because she’s in love with him, even though she’s still under the rune’s spell and determined to be on her brother’s side.

Jace joins the siblings on their mission to reclaim the Morningstar sword. They head to a club in Prague — decorated with Shadowhunters’ bones! — to kidnap the Seelie Queen as a bargaining chip.

To test Jace’s loyalty, Jonathan makes him take a Seelie hallucinogen. In doing so, Jace loses his focus and the ring he’s wearing to stay in contact with Alec is revealed.

Jonathan turns the Seelies against Jace. Though Clary comes to his rescue, she still refuses to turn against her brother.

“I’m trying to save you. This isn’t who you are, Clary,” Jace protests. “Come home with me.”

“This is who I am,” Clary insists. “You try and take me from my brother again, I will end you.”

She sends him back to the Institute through a portal.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Shadowhunters’ Superman and Lois Lane

Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Izzy’s slow burn continues. They’re about to talk about an interrupted moment when they’re, once again, interrupted.

Then, Izzy reveals she watched Superman because of all the times Simon talked about superhero movies. She can’t believe Lois couldn’t see Clark Kent was Superman.

“The hot girl doesn’t see the geeky guy with glasses until the hot girl realizes that the geeky guy is totally awesome, if she just saw him for who he really is,” Simon explains. Izzy says Lois needed time to see what was right in front of her.

Their moment is coming … soon? Hopefully?

The Powerful Pull of a Mundane Life

Maia and Jordan share their own moment. They kiss, but she stops him and admits that while she wishes they can go back, they can’t.

But then Raphael shows up and tells them about the serum that made him a mundane.

The only problem? There’s only one vial of the serum left, and every Downworlder is going to want it.

“Deciding who gets it is a political mine field,” Izzy tells them.

Maia sees Simon’s point that she’s not the only one whose life fell apart when she became a Downworlder, but Jordan steals the vial.

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