How to Stream ‘Never Been Kissed’ on the Rom-Com’s 20th Anniversary

Never Been Kissed
Twentieth Century Fox

High school is the worst for some people, and poor Josie “Grossy” Geller (Drew Barrymore) has to experience it twice in Never Been Kissed. The ’90s romantic comedy celebrates its 20th anniversary on April 9, and you can relive all the embarrassing (and dreamy) moments by streaming it on HBO NOW!

In the movie, Josie, a junior copywriter at the Chicago Sun-Times, receives an assignment on teen culture that sends her back to her former high school, South Glen South High School. She turns to her brother and former cool kid, Rob (David Arquette), to help her infiltrate the popular clique.

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However, as tends to happen in romantic comedies, things take a turn when she falls in love — in this case, with her English teacher, Sam Coulson (Michael Vartan), who doesn’t know she’s not really a teenager.

The film was the first one produced by Barrymore’s production company, Flower Films.

“I wanted to make a movie that encompassed how girls feel,” the actress told Vanity Fair in September 2018. “We’re vulnerable, and we try to be brave. We don’t always feel like we fit in. How do you celebrate who you are at the end of the day for who you really are, not who you think you’re supposed to be?

“And we all want a little romance at the end of the day,” she continued. “That film is so close to my heart, and I am still Josie Grossy.”

If you’re looking for a more straight-forward love story than that of Barrymore’s Santa Clarita Diet character, check out Never Been Kissed on HBO NOW.