You Can Watch the First Episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ for Free — Here’s How

Robert Falconer/CBS

It’s no surprise that fans of The Twilight Zone would be interested in checking out the modernized revamp by Jordan Peele. But how can that be done?

The CBS All Access series is only accessible through the streaming service which is available through subscription only. If you’re not entirely sold on committing to the service, the CBS offshoot is offering those hungry viewers a unique opportunity.

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Step Into 'The Twilight Zone' With an All-New, Star-Studded Teaser (VIDEO)

Plus, see a new poster for the show that's otherworldly.

CBS All Access’s YouTube page has shared the full first episode of the 10-part first season, “The Comedian.” The installment stars Kumail Nanjiani as none other than the title comedian, but his quest for fame at the expense of his own personal life could have a dangerous price.

The episode clocks in just under 56 minutes, but it’s a can’t-miss opportunity to catch the streaming original for free. Nanjiani alerted fans of the special offer through his Twitter page where he wrote, “Amazing news. The first episode of The Twilight Zone is FREE on youtube! I’m in this episode and it truly is a dream come true. I’ve never done anything like this episode before.”

(Credit: Robert Falconer/CBS)

Meanwhile, the show’s Twitter Page also shared the news, “Open the door to another dimension,” said the message. So, what are you waiting for? Step into The Twilight Zone anytime you want on YouTube. And if you like what you see, consider checking out CBS All Access which is offering a free one-week trial.

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