Confront Supernatural Fears in Travel Channel’s Revival of ‘Ghost Bait’

TVI Ghost Bait
Bob Magill and Tina Storer are the paranormal investigators of 'Ghost Bait (Courtesy of Travel Channel)

Paranormal pioneer Bob Magill and empathic investigator Tina Storer take on frightening, personal hauntings in America in the cult classic Ghost Bait, lured back to television with 12 half-hour episodes on the Travel Channel.

Using a shocking but effective method of isolation combined with sensory deprivation, the duo helps people overcome their fear of intense paranormal activity. After conducting their own paranormal investigation, Magill and Storer use their findings to elevate a client’s fear level and then use that terror as bait to draw out the entity and force a confrontation.

By facing their worst fears head on, Magill and Storer believe the living can overpower the negative forces around them to reclaim their sense of peace and control.

Courtesy of Travel Channel

In the Thursday, April 4 premiere episode, Magill and Storer travel to the historic Brookdale Lodge in Santa Cruz, California, to investigate claims of an evil spirit bullying an employee named Agnes. The paranormal investigators discover the once-famed hotel has a dark history filled with mysterious deaths and corruption.

Agnes must overcome her deepest fears and challenge the oppressive entity plaguing her in order to continue her livelihood at the hotel. Isolated in the pool room, an area known for frightening activity, she confronts the entity — alone.

Courtesy of Travel Channel

In the second episode of the night, Magill and Storer head to Monongahela, Pennsylvania, to investigate claims of paranormal activity terrorizing a young couple in their new home. During a chilling late-night investigation, the duo come face-to-face with a mysterious presence in the woods and capture a terrifying voice inside the house that repeats the phrase, “in a portal.”

As a last resort, homeowners, Jason and Nina, are forced to confront their fear of the evil demon in order to reclaim their house.

Ghost Bait, Premieres, Thursday, April 4, 10/9c, Travel Channel