‘Flack’ Sneak Peek: Bradley Whitford’s Calvin Is a Client on the Edge (VIDEO)

Bradley Whitford in Flack
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By now fans of Pop TV’s Flack have seen publicist extraordinaire Robyn (Anna Paquin) answer the call of duty, but in the show’s March 21 episode, will her task be as easily approached?

Bradley Whitford guest stars as her client Calvin Cooper — a man that has clearly been up to no good, according to TV Insider’s exclusive clip for the episode. In the segment, the pair are seated on a plane when Calvin begins to mumble as the aircraft takes off.

“I need another drink,” he says as he attempts to get out of his seat, but Robyn pulls him back down. “No! We’re taking off. Sit down,” she tells him, both pleading and authoritative.

The exchange starts to garner glances from other passengers, but Robyn assures them that Calvin’s just afraid of flying. She then turns to Calvin and threatens that if he doesn’t pull it together, they’ll be kicked off the plane.

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“I think something bad might’ve happened,” he tells her. “Christ, what now? We haven’t even taken off yet,” she responds.

Calvin then launches into his predicament, telling Robyn he received a voicemail from police asking him to contact them immediately, and he is linking it to a recent issue with his laptop which his cleaning lady brought to a repair shop after accidentally damaging it. Robyn tries to pull more info from Calvin before he finally reveals his worries about some photos that could get him into trouble.

Will Robyn be able to handle things from the air for her client? Fans will have to tune in on March 21, but until then, check out the clip below.

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