‘Flack’s Anna Paquin on Playing a Publicist, Tabloid Culture & More (VIDEO)

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It isn’t every day that we’re offered a glimpse behind the entertainment industry curtain, but that’s what Pop TV’s new series Flack is doing.

Anna Paquin (True Blood) plays Robyn, a “hot mess” celebrity publicist working in London who handles the various hiccups in her clients’ scandalous lives. Debuting Thursday, February 21, Flack takes an in-depth look at tabloid culture in the U.K..

'Flack' Series Premiere: There's No Scandal Anna Paquin Can't Handle (VIDEO)See Also

'Flack' Series Premiere: There's No Scandal Anna Paquin Can't Handle (VIDEO)

And go learn more about the characters in an exclusive clip.

Ahead of the premiere, Paquin sat down with John Russell to discuss her role on the show, among other things. While viewers will see Robyn’s fixer skills in action, her personal life is “an absolute disaster,” Paquin reveals.

How intense do things get for Robyn? Well, she’s never had to melt a body in a bath tub, but Paquin does offer her take with Breaking Bad in mind. While her character may not go that far, the actress offers other ways in which Robyn will extend herself for her clients.

Hear all the juicy Flack gossip in the interview below:

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