‘The Bachelor’ Finale, Part 2: The Most Dramatic Finale Ever (RECAP)

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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 23 Finale, Part 2 of The Bachelor.]

When the first part of The Bachelor finale ended on Monday night, Cassie had left and Colton Underwood had said goodbye to Tayshia and Hannah G., effectively leaving himself single at the end of all of this — but will he stay that way?

On Tuesday night, fans finally got to find out how his story ended, and if Colton’s worst fear came true. Chris Harrison might have thought that Cassie just wasn’t that into him, but was Colton right about following his gut and chasing after her?

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Getting Cassie Back

Fortunately enough for Colton, Cassie was still in Portugal, and after breaking things off with the other two women, he went straight for her hotel room to talk — and for somebody who just dumped this dude, she was very happy to see him. He let her know that he broke up with everyone else because of his feelings for her, and she was shocked.

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'It was like, 'You owe this to yourself and you owe this to these women to really explore and see where to go from here,'' he said.

Cassie did still have feelings for him, but she didn’t want him to feel like he had to give things up to be with her, but to Colton, making those sacrifices is part of a relationship, and he cared about her enough to make them. He invited her to go to Spain with him to meet his family if she wanted to — and she very quickly agreed.

Yes, this is the same person who just told Colton he should find someone who loved him like he loved them… but apparently, she was ready to move forward. Off to Spain!

Meeting the Parents

Once Cassie and Colton got to Mallorca, he met up with his family and delivered the news: He only brought one woman. He filled them in on everything that happened, and then they got to sit down and talk with Cassie themselves.

Colton’s mom didn’t know what to think — she was worried that Colton would end up with his heart broken again. His dad wasn’t too convinced, either.

But it didn’t seem to matter. Cassie and Colton spent the rest of their time in Spain hanging out and talking about the future, and she seemed to feel more and more secure about getting serious with him… and they finally got the fantasy suite date they missed out on the first time around. No word on the status of Colton’s virginity, but they seemed very happy together.

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Living Happily Ever After

On After The Final Rose, Cassie and Colton sat down with Chris Harrison to fill him in on their lives together: They’re still dating — not engaged — and very happy. Although they’re not living together quite yet, Colton did move to LA, and they’re planning on doing a lot of traveling together over the next year.

And while Colton didn’t get down on one knee, he did give Cassie her final rose — and the show gifted them a trip to Thailand so they could relive their first one-on-one date together.

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And the Next Bachelorette Is…

It’s official — Hannah B. will be finding the love of her life in May, although she did meet her first few contestants at After The Final Rose and she got to hand out her first rose, so she’s off to a good start.

It’s hard to believe that another season of The Bachelor is over, but it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to when The Bachelorette is back in May. Just a couple more months to go!

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